Paper Pumpkin Promotion

If you sign up for a Paper Pumpkin Subscription between now and August 31st, I personally will include a Snail/Tombow adhesive cartridge as an extra bonus!  That is a $6.95 value, my friends and -everyone- can use what my niece calls ‘the magick tape!’ Since Stampin’ Up constantly says that all you may need for completing your kits is scissors and possibly adhesive, I thought I’d throw that in for ya. Just put ‘Jessica Jokinen’ in when the system asks for your demonstrator. (Or do a search for the 32539 zipcode.) I will be informed of new subscribers, and BAMF – a tombow magick tape is all yours.

The low down on Paper Pumpkin: For $19.95 a month (that includes shipping) you get a super spiffy craft kit with everything included that you need to make whatever the project is for that month. It is great for a creative get-away, for time for yourself, as a monthly project for your kids, or as a surprise gift for a friend or loved one. It is subscription based and charges to your credit card once a month when the kit is shipped. Or you can now contact me for pre-paid subscriptions in 3/6/12 month increments.

You aren’t creative, you say?? Pshaw – the kit has all the designing done for you. All you have to do is put the pretties together. You don’t have the supplies to be crafty, you say?? Paper Pumpkin includes everything you need to create a fun and fantastic project included in every box. (Except possibly scissors and adhesive!) You don’t have time to be crafty, you say? PSHAW again! With everything designed for you, all you have to do is find an hour of ‘you-time’ once a month and voila – craftiness abounds! And -everyone- needs to find them-time on occasion, am I right!? You know I am. Do it. Do it now.