Stamping Technique: Bokeh



I have been feeling very brave this year, to the point where I have been actively searching out new techniques. I’ve found some wonderful tutorials on YouTube (I will link to this one in particular), but sometimes the host(ess) can ramble on when I really just want the steps laid out. Next! Next! Okay, moving on! (Thank you, ADHD.)

Watching the video I was not convinced that my result would even be passable (I’m pretty hard on myself), but I was very much surprised with the results. I made more. Then a couple weeks later, I did the technique again. Here’s what you need to know:

You will need cardstock. A template (thin sturdy cardboard, plastic, whatever floats your boat. You won’t want it to bend or fold when you’re spreading the ink!). You’ll need at least two ink colors, plus WHITE (I used Stampin’ Up!’s Whisper White). You need a way to spread ink: sponge, daubers, felt, foam- whatever works best for you. My first time out the gate I used felt, second go found me with the little finger-dauber-sponges.

1. Cover your cardstock (mine’s cut to  1/4 x 4) with your multi-inks. You can go stripes, tic-tac-toe, criss-cross, but whatever you choose you’ll want to lay it on well. No white showing through. Or very, very little.

2. Wait. You have to let the ink dry. It’s better to wait a day than it is to use your embossing gun to speed the process. Just trust me. Or not, and then I get to say “I told you so!”

Too much fun!

Too much fun!

3. Is it dry? Okay. I made my circle template using a spare plastic sheet (the kind that clear/cling stamps are usually affixed to) and stamping out my two smallest punches – 1″ and 3/4″. The video creator used Sizzix thinlits, but they would not cut through the plastic all the way no matter how many sheets of paper i bribed my Bigshot with. These should be relatively small circles. Put your template over the dried cardstock, get out your ink applicator and white ink. Gently apply the ink in the circles. Do as many or as few as you like. Overlap ‘em, bleed off the edges – this is a beautifully imperfect and imprecise technique. After you’ve done one size, move to the second.

4. Bonus if you use the little finger daubers – put the template aside and just plant little finger dots on the paper.

5. Let it dry. Again. (You have to be really patient for this technique, I know).

Contrasting colors work well, too

Add some rhinestones for extra bling!

6. Use as you see fit!


Have you tried this? Do you have any tricks or tips to add? Let us know!

What Do You Do During Insomnia?

So life-bleeding-over-into-business, a new medication I’m on is educating me on the joys of insomnia. I’m learning to give up staring at the ceiling, and will wander into my craft room somewhere between 11pm and 1am.

What do you do?

No really, I would love to hear everyone’s input! In the meantime, here’s my mindless tasks (some ideas stolen from Saskya) when I’m too exhausted to find inspiration to create cards.

1. I’ll cut 5 1/4 x 4 cardstock so that I have a nice stack ready to pull from after I’m rested up.

2. I’ll cut/score/fold base cardstock

Look at all those pretty colors!

Look at all those pretty colors!

3. I’ll organize my craft space (so far I’ve built boxes to hold my ink refills, created a box with divider for mini glitter bottles, taken a Stampin’ Up! wood-mounted stamp holder and created dividers in which I’m storing my little finger sponge daubers, created a notebook of all my ink colors and all my stamps, crafted boxes to hold my ever growing stack of completed cards…)

All the cards! So unruly though.

All the cards! So unruly though.

Ahh, organized. Much better.

Ahh, organized. Much better.

Yes! Yes! Organize!

Yes! Yes! Organize!

Let me know how you cope!

Lessons Learned

Oops, melty sequins!

Just a quick post, I’ve been very bad about updating! Thought I should share what I’ve learned from my recent experimentations. 1. While you can kinda use an embossing/heat gun to dry clear school glue, you *will* MELT your sequins … Continue reading 

Have Blendabilities?


Blendabilities holder

Have Blendabilities? Great! You know you’re supposed to store them horizontally, right? Coming soon to this post, I will update from Bev’s original design with a few corrections/tweaks.
Guess that means you are getting one,  Jessica…!