Paper Pumpkin

Do you want to be more crafty but just don’t feel you are ‘creative enough?’ Or that you don’t have the supplies you need, or the time it takes to put something all together? Well, allow me to tell you about Paper Pumpkin! This is what it is: A subscription based monthly complete project kit delivered to your door. Every month you will receive a kit with a surprise project inside that will have everything you need to make that project. Ink? Yup! Stamps? You got’em. Paper? All measured and pre-cut for you. Embellishments are even in the box for your using pleasure! The only thing that is -not- in the little box of awesome is adhesive. Everyone’s got glue, right? Right! Even more exciting than this is the fact that it’ll be a different project every month. Cards, mini-journals, celebration banners – you never know what you are gonna be making next.

The best part about this project kit is the price. $20 a month, renewing every month – with shipping included. What’s more, if you sign up before March 31st, you get a free set of markers valued at almost $15. How exciting is that??

So if you are looking for projects you can do with your kids, or for cards to have on hand for the usual occasions, or just want to get your craft on – contact me. I’ll get you all set up and ready to go without a moment’s hesitation.

Or, simply click here to get your subscription started!


The Big News

A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I had some big news coming up. Have I made you wait long enough? Well, here we go.

Amanda from Love Manifested has joined me under the roof of the Empyreal Imagination. She brings her creativity, energy and enthusiasm to this little place, and I am very excited to have her aboard. (I am not quite sure what she gets out of it, except for a really cool name…) From here on out look for posts and projects from the both of us as we continue to grow. More giveaways are in our future, as well as an upcoming craft fair!

Welcome her aboard; I know you will make her feel at home.