What Do You Do During Insomnia?

So life-bleeding-over-into-business, a new medication I’m on is educating me on the joys of insomnia. I’m learning to give up staring at the ceiling, and will wander into my craft room somewhere between 11pm and 1am.

What do you do?

No really, I would love to hear everyone’s input! In the meantime, here’s my mindless tasks (some ideas stolen from Saskya) when I’m too exhausted to find inspiration to create cards.

1. I’ll cut 5 1/4 x 4 cardstock so that I have a nice stack ready to pull from after I’m rested up.

2. I’ll cut/score/fold base cardstock

Look at all those pretty colors!

Look at all those pretty colors!

3. I’ll organize my craft space (so far I’ve built boxes to hold my ink refills, created a box with divider for mini glitter bottles, taken a Stampin’ Up! wood-mounted stamp holder and created dividers in which I’m storing my little finger sponge daubers, created a notebook of all my ink colors and all my stamps, crafted boxes to hold my ever growing stack of completed cards…)

All the cards! So unruly though.

All the cards! So unruly though.

Ahh, organized. Much better.

Ahh, organized. Much better.

Yes! Yes! Organize!

Yes! Yes! Organize!

Let me know how you cope!

Lessons Learned

Oops, melty sequins!

Just a quick post, I’ve been very bad about updating! Thought I should share what I’ve learned from my recent experimentations. 1. While you can kinda use an embossing/heat gun to dry clear school glue, you *will* MELT your sequins … Continue reading 

Gesso Resist

It is no secret that I am in love with my distress inks and the resist techniques that go hand in hand with them. Recently, i tried my hand at gesso resist – and think it turned out pretty well. It could well be a new favorite. Well, after faux watercolor, perhaps. Because we ALL know that I am in love with faux watercolor. It’s true. It’s true. Anyhow, let’s talk about THIS technique, yes?

Gesso Resist (on shimmer paper [I wish the photos did the shimmer bit justice.])


Pretty, isn’t it??

Let me show you how it is done, eh?

Supplies needed:
paper (i used shimmer paper in this batch)
distress inks
ink blender tool
flat spreader – an old credit card or the stiff packaging from … anything


On a clean sheet of (shimmer) paper, spread a thin line of gesso across the width. Not too much, not too little – the goal is to have an uneven coverage across the paper for the ink to grab onto – or not, as is the case of resisting.


Spread it back and forth using your stiff flat … thing.

IMG_0361 Add more gesso as needed or desired for the sort of grungy resisty look you may be going for. It is best to start with a little and build up from there as it is next to impossible to remove it should you decide you want less. Remember that you want the paper to get some of the ink, too – and not simply have a flat nondescript layer of gesso.

IMG_0344I know it is difficult to see as it is white on white, but this is the result I ended up with after my spreading of the gesso.

Next, pull out your favorite combinations of distress inks. Apply the ink randomly across the surface in varying patterns and mixtures of color. The shimmer of the paper underneath really adds an extra POP to this project. I promise.


IMG_0351I like to do several at once, since it can be messy and i like to limit the amount of mess-time. Plus, the gesso dries pretty quickly so it doesn’t have a lot of wait time before moving on to the next step.

Which is stamping! Pick your favorites, and stamp to your heart’s content.


IMG_0353This technique also woks nicely on black paper and gives a particularly grungy sort of effect:




Enjoy playing with your newly-learned technique!



BONUS QUESTION: Do you pronounce ‘gesso’ with a ‘g’ sound or a ‘j’ sound?