Name: Saskya
Age: Born on April 29th, '76
Hair: long, brown
Eyes: hazel
Marital Status: Married- Midknight
Siblings: Sister Doricom, HeartSister - Celticelff
Religion: Pagan
Occupation: Photography, Web-design, Artist
Personality: Introverted, loner, thoughtful, loyal

"Beautifully Flawed."

It's a phrase i use to describe myself quite often. Contrary to popular belief, I do not use that phrase to indicate what I feel about my personal appearance. (which I believe is "average.") Nay, it is used to suggest that while I do have faults and flaws within my personality - that it is those flaws that makes me unique; an individual. And therein, lies my "beauty."

I am a bit of an introvert and quite the loner. I do not do well in crowds, as I feel that most "people" are rude and uncouth. I am one of manners, and I prefer to surround myself with like individuals. *wry grin* Unfortunately, that is what tends to push me toward my "loner" status. However, when I find myself comfortable with a person I have a lot to offer. I am creative and intelligent and adore a good conversation.

I have one -very serious- pet peeve. Netspeak. I cannot stand it. I won't tolerate it. If you contact me and use it, you will very likely get ignored. It is lazy and a bastardization of the English language. Grow up and spell your words out and use proper grammar.